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Barbara Bell

Barbara_Bell_headshot_frontBarbara Bell, Project Leader and Product Development Specialist

Barbara has been working with the Canadian wood industry in the area of new product development and design for 12 years. Her main roles within FPIntell are to define the scope and direction, and to create a collaborative culture. Barbara is also curator and co-generator of the information found on the blog. This content is developed by conducting interviews, trade show attendance, surveying trend reports and through contextual observations. Barbara is a community manager for FPIntell’s collaborative innovation platform where she is focused on creating engaged communities that yield actionable insights for new product development.

Barbara’s hope for FPIntell is to develop a highly specialized ecosystem where ideas can mingle, grow and create new wood-based products.

Barbara has a B.Ed. from the University of Alberta, Edmonton. She also has a diploma in Product Design with a specialization in wood and wood composites from KSA, School of Art and Design.

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