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  • Shaun St-Amour posted an update in the project Project logo of 3D Printing with Wood ChallengeThe 3D Printing with Wood Challenge 3 years, 4 months ago

    I would like to see the concrete wall systems that Winsun is creating in China, made with wood. After you read this article… you realize that there will never be a 3D printed house, but only 3D printed components. The 3D printer should stay in a factory and pump out parts. I recommend starting to build 3D wall panels. The branch technology site shows a very intriguing structure. As we move to building walls for the passive house standard, our traditional platform frame construction reverts back to balloon framing. Our 2×4 and 2×6 walls are now attached to a 2×8 or i-joist so there is an insulation wall and utility wall. Both these walls could be produced with a 3D printer and resemble the cellular structure of a tree. If you are worried about the elements (ie. rain and snow) affecting the outer skin of the wall panel, I have another idea to deal with that. I think I could even prove that the cost of this wall would be cheaper than the current passive wall systems and a CLT wall. My proposed wall system would even have a lower carbon footprint. The issue that I just realized from reading these blogs, is this 3D printed wood wall might be more concrete than wood. I will have to review the material filaments available. Hopefully the bamboo filament would be a good starter material.