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2xMore Challenge


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    Jaime Millan

    Surfing is a unique sport that creates a deep connection between its athletes, the ocean, and Mother Nature. However, there’s is a major challenge within the surfboarding community: the materials used for the production of surf boards are highly toxic to the environment and those that work with it.

    (Summarized version, please DOWNLOAD PDF for further details)

    The concept
    Using recycled wood chips and coconut fiber to replace the man made foams used in the production of surfboards by making “surfboard shaped panels”.

    The prototype would consist of designing a metal mold with all design specifications of a standard surfboard. The idea would consist of placing the “recycled sandwich” materials into the surfboard shaped mold using the coconut fiber on the exterior and a thick layer of low density chips in the interior.
    The mold would then be hot-pressed at low a low pressure. Finally, the board would be covered with fiberglass and epoxy like the industry standard practice to provide the strength and permeability required to deliver the expected performance.  Bio-Epoxy resin coating will be an option when ordering the product, for a premium environmentally conscious surfboard.

    Later on in the process, more plates would be designed to accommodate a variety of surfboard shapes and sizes.

    High environmental value

    • This process requires low energy as it doesn’t require further breaking down of the woodchips or the coconut fibers.
    • Low pressure pressing required, only the temperature elevation is required for the resins, chips and fibers to bind, therefore minimizing the embodied energy in the product.
    • Coconut fiber exterior appearance gives it a one of a kind feel; No graphics or paint are needed minimizing the further use of chemicals in the process.Multiple organizations, such as, are currently supporting the development and in use of sustainable alternatives in the production of surfboards.

    This concept can be applied to stand up paddle boarding and boogie boarding, other very popular water sports with millions of users around the world.

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    Mark Anson

    I really like this idea.  It is a small niche market.  It suits the material, the wood is already low density and likes to float.  It turns an eco-problem into an eco-sollution.

    It seems to me Jaime, that we just need the surfers to surf the oil spills and combine both your ideas :).

    Your principle would apply to dock floats as well.  Currently our beaches are covered with chunks of EPS foam that has broken away from the docks along our coast line.  This won’t stop the docks from failing, but it could reduce the overall environmental damage.

    Where else is foam used as floatation?



    Really nice concept.

    My first interrogation was the total weight but after some research it’s not seems a probleme.

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    Jaime Millan

    Thanks @mark, I appreciate your input. Essentially this concept could be applied to a variety applications where foam is used as the main means for flotation, but besides the docks you mention, these applications are not too evident.  Perhaps pool flotation devices if covered with a soft material? Give me some time, something will come up.

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    Jaime Millan

    Thanks @mathieu, any other thoughts or ideas are welcome!

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    It is a good concept and can be useful but this a niche market so the amount of wood dust/wood chips we can utilize is limited considering tons of wood dust/wood chips are available and to make something of the size of surfboard not much wood chips/ wood dust is required.

    It blends with environment very well though.

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    Jaime Millan

    @aadhithya I think finding a niche market is a good starting point to get the concept of utilizing recycled woodchips out there to the public. When people start seeing the value and potential uses of recycled woodchips/fibers, more and more applications will arise. Thank you for your input, any other thoughts and ideas are more than welcome!


    I agree with you @Jaime. I think that the size of the first market is not the most important because if it is fonctional, this is easy to transfert to other applications.

    Moreover, I think that the sport is a great way to have good image. In many sport, the inovations and new concepts are mentionned, encouraged and supported.

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    I agree with u, once it sees potential people might adapt it to other applications as well so it will be a humble way to begin. Can u think of any other application of it in sports field like wooden cricket bats, baseball bats or something like it to increase the market.


    I practice several sport and there are many and many potential applications.

    The difficulties with bats are that they must have a precise weight and balance but I m sure that there are applications for accessories .

    Personaly, I bigan to write a concept for climbing wall before @Jaime have posted. It’s not the same process but I think they can be combine to obtain a more general solution. I hope to finish to write tomorrow.

    My second idea in sport is to propose a solution for the ground like in atletics track or game installations for children. I hope to also write this concept quickly.

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    Jaime Millan

    Thank you @aadhithya for your input. I like your train of thought, but specifically for bats you need really dense wood, usually maple and hickory are used for these applications. Other than Mathieus application, its hard to think of other potential uses in sports. Perhaps with time we will come up with more ideas! Keep them coming!

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