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Collaborative Muesli Board

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    Mark Anson

    I suggest that the City of Vancouver works with FPInnovations, the Center for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP) and Linea Ceiling and Wall Systems, to develop a recycled wood acoustic panel (  Linea would be a new addition to the team, although they already offer  built to order wood ceiling and wall panel systems ideal for the commercial, institutional and residential markets. They are a known brand with an identifiable track record.  We fix a local problem, using a local solution, fulfilling a local demand and ultimately create local production.  We run this as a pilot project before scaling up and offering the solution to other communities.

    Some suggestions for the Acoustic Muesli Board:

    1. Consult with Linea to see if they are interested and pick their brains to create an ultimate acoustic panel to suit their clients needs.

    2. Fabricate the panels to compliment the products offered by Linea.  Insure that the panel may continue to qualify for LEED points.  Insure that the panel is compatible with Lineas options of panel dimension, perforation pattern, edge profile, finish and fastening system.

    3. Sandwich the muesli portion of the panel between two sheets of 1/8” softwood veneer.  This provides a surface for a finish veneer to be adhered to.  It closes the back side of the panel to help capture sound.  It provides a surface for marking and measuring.  It increases strength/stability.  It generates greater fastening pullout resistance.

    4. Densify the edge of the panel for greater screw holding, overall rigidity and increased profile options.  This can be accomplished by increasing the matt thickness of the chips around the boarder of the panel before pressing to a uniform thickness.

    5. Offer an option of EMF shielding that is pressed into the backside of the panel.  Use aluminium (easily cut) mesh to control the transmission of EMF, whether for health or security reasons.  Linea offers a clip system that tethers the panel to the T-Bar frame, thus grounding each panel.

    I have added a couple of pictures of the first prototypes that consider the above suggestions.


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