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Cremation coffins

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    Damien MATHIS

    Hello everybody. The project considered here isn’t a festive one but a need exists. We have to deal with death with a maximum of respect and here is my proposal.

    In case of cremation, the deceased is placed in a coffin and sent to the cremator. The coffin is here to maintain a solemn side to the ceremony, it’s really important. Coffins are historically made from wood, and it can reach really expensive prices.  Nevertheless, the new coffins here are manufactured just to be burnt.

    Nowadays, we see some coffins made out of cardboards. This permits to reduce the material costs but drives to another problem: In the process of cremation, the wooden coffin is involved in the heat input necessary for cremation for at least 60%. A cardboard coffin doesn’t bring the same energy and forces crematoriums to use more power. It costs more and it’s not good for the environment. In addition, cardboard coffins are less solemn than wood ones.

    Using recycled wood to make coffins would have these advantages:
    – It would permit people to have a less expensive wooden coffin
    –  The wood is more solemn that the cardboard</span></p>
    –  It’s a pity to use new wood and make a coffin just to burn it. Using recycled wood would be much more sustainable
    – No energy waste in the process

    Rather than assembling the wood shavings in plates, it is possible to directly press them into coffins. For the processing, I imagine a press that would form the bottom and another for the upper side. The two parts can then be assembled. It would really improve the price of the recycled wood and it answers a need.

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    Mark Anson

    Interesting.  A full-form pressed coffin would allow for the opportunity of nested coffins (similar in shape to the one you have imaged).  What did you have in mind for the finish?


    Damien MATHIS

    For the finish :
    First, a deposit of paper fibers (small particules)  at the outer surfaces could bring a smoother finish. Then, we can apply a bright painting. The matter is to find a painting 100 % bio. Nowadays it is possible. No problems with the durability of the painting as the coffin will be fastly burnt.

    There are 100 % bio-based paintings that won’t emit any Volatile Organic Compounds. Binders are natural : linseed, wood or castor oil and pigments can be inorganic, from colored earth, ocher, metal oxides… Bio-based painting prices are not so high.

    The final appearance could be really great with a bright black painting. I invite you to take a loot at the picture of a black coffin. The matter is to find a strong bio-based painting to have a good finish. For the handles,  wooden ones can be screwed. In the picture it’s metal ones, but there are coffins with wooden ones.



    I like your approach of using wood chips to build a coffin that is an unusual application yet useful. I also agree that normal coffins can be very expensive these days.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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