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Panelized Acoustic Barrier

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    Mark Anson

    Perhaps the best way to deal with the wood waste is to slip it into an existing product line.  The City of Vancouver has a commitment to support “greener” building solutions.

    I propose that the City of Vancouver, FPInnovations and CAWP invite the Ontario company, Durisol, to consider opening up a plant here in Vancouver,   All Durisol products are made from a proprietary cement-bonded wood fiber.  They use specially graded recycled waste wood that includes NO post-consumer waste.  However, I believe the process could be adapted as long as the end product was suitable for the more questionable qualities that post-cosumer waste has.  This new Durisol material may be molded into many shapes, that could include highway acoustic treatment panels.  As an incentive, the city could pre-purchase a number of panels.

    I propose to build a panel that is a low density open cavity cement-bonded wood fiber on one side, and solid load bearing concrete on the opposite side (thus porosity and density). These panels would be a prefabricated system that would also be compatible with a Wood Hybrid Sound Barrier previously developed by FPInnovations and Wester Forest Products,

    Attached are sample pictures of what a Durisol system would look like.


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    I think it will be certainly a good idea to partner with durisolbuild because since they have all the resources to make a product like that, it will be easier. It can be used to make panel as u suggested or it can be used to make hollow insulation bricks as mentioned earlier in my idea “hollow insulation bricks”.

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