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Paper Plates for composting

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    Will Rumph @ RED EYE LAB llc

    Hello Fp Intell Lab,

    I would like to thank you for inviting me to be apart of your new competition.  Like you, I am always searching for new uses for natural materials.  Your latest contest happens to coincides with a problem I have been trying to solve.  My project is called Paper Plates.  It is my solution to a problem that has occurred with urban composting.   Paper Plates are wood chips coated with a biodegradable adhesive or binder that is pressed into a disk or mat.  For my design I decided to use natural latex as a adhesive.  I wanted to maximized the use of the of the clean wood chips, but also incorporate more of the painted or stain wood pieces.  Having worked in the paint industry, I know that there are ways to determine if a paint is a safe latex or something worse.

    Like many west coast cities, Seattle requires its residence to compost food waste.  The problem with composting in urban area is that the compost is usually made up of material with a high water content.  The compost usually gives off a strong odor due growth of bacteria and molds and poor air circulation.   Unlike suburban or rural compost, urban compost is usually missing dry items like twigs, leaves and sticks.   Paper Plates was designed to add the missing dry material to the compost.  The wood chips not only absorbs the excess water, they also allows air to circulate between the layers.

    How it works.  The food waste from each meal is placed on a Paper Plate, then put inside a compost container.   The results will be compost segmented by layers of dry materials.

    Thank You,

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    I like the idea. Do u have prototypes, would love to see it. Also please check out my ideas and I would love to get ur feedback on them as u experienced in this field it will be helpful to refine my concept.Thanks.


    Mathieu VERDET

    I  had thought of the absorption proprieties but I had not found other idea than oil or for animals which are already available.

    Your concept is a very good idea. I think that it will be quickly implemented.


    Mark Anson

    I agree that wood chips are a great way to moderate moisture levels in compost.  I am reluctant to suggest that a city transport wood chips to residences just to have the residence send the chips back.  That is an excessive amount of processing and transportation.  A more direct approach, and one most cities already do, is to add chips to the larger collected municipal composts.

    At home, I simply add a bit of newspaper to the bottom of my compost pail.  Most homes have newsprint already kicking around waiting for disposal.

    A few years back, I played with the idea of pressing my personal yard leaves into a similar dried disk product as a compost liner.  But the truth was, newsprint is just to available, cheap and convenient to compete with (that may change as society continues to go paperless).


    Will Rumph @ RED EYE LAB llc

    <span style=”font-family: ‘Open Sans’, Helvetica, Arial, Lucida, sans-serif; font-size: 18px; line-height: 26px;”>Hi Mark, Thank you for the feedback. In reference to my project, my goal was to provide a service to the people of the city. Something that would make composting a better experience. My original design called for cardboard, but it just didn’t have the breathability I was looking for. As far as newspaper, I haven’t purchase one since 1997. My morning paper is sent to my tablet. Thanks Will/Roem</span>

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