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Reinforcement of connections in old and new wood constructions

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    Mathieu VERDET

    Today, connections are in the center of stakes in wood constructions and must be more and more stiff and strong.  In other part, each building evolves over the time inducting new constraints and modifications of solicitations.

    Wood is a great material but not homogenous. It has forces like strength parallel to the grain but also weakness like in radial or tangential directions. In opposition, high performance panels have great and homogenous strength proprieties in two directions. So this concept proposes a combination of the two materials in order to have a global improvement.

    The concept:

    The main idea in this concept is to reduce the concentration and redistribute the stresses in order to have a valid and durable connection.  For this, one or more layers of panels are inserted in strategic places.  An structure element alone or a joint can be reinforced.

    In practice, the panel can be inserted with a CNC or simple router. To realise joint between panels and structure elements, screw, glue…  can be used. Naturally, insertion of panels is not obligatory but it is more aesthetic. An other good solution is to use this system between two beams.

    Application cases:

    Counter splits/delamination
    Due to the weak strength directions in wood, they are several cases where split appeared in a structure. On the simplest elements the extremities are the most exposed when there are a connection.  An other example is the crown of bolts.  Bend stress can also indeed split in glulam if there is a curvature.

    Improve the resistance to penetration
    Improve resistance of penetration is profitable where there are compression stresses like with dowels, traditional connections….  The reinforcement works either in shear or in compression.

    Stiffer connection
    Finally, the most interesting asset of this concept is to propose a stiff joint to link elements in lattice beam, truss…

    Environment assets:

    As all concepts, the first argument is the reusing of dusts and a lesser consumption. But other advantages are effective:
    –    Long lasting and sustainable connections
    –    Reinforcement of old constructions
    –    Renovation without large modifications of the initial structure (1st argument for historical monument)

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    Jaime Millan

    I am not sure that low density panels are suitable for structural reinforcement purposes.


    Mathieu VERDET

    Thank’s for your return.

    Maybe I forget to specify (I will read again) but it’s evident that I use high performance panel (second) which have better proprieties and high density (630 to 700 kg.m-3).

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