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2xMore Challenge

The recycled furniture factory

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    Jaime Millan

    The concept

    The idea behind this project would be utilizing not only woodchips, but all sorts of parts, materials, and reclaimed wood from recycled buildings for the manufacturing of one of a kind recycled furniture. Websites such as make easy the access to a variety of wood that unless given a second life, will most likely end up burnt or in a landfill.


    A small business with few employees would manufacture a variety of different products with the ideology of using 80-100% recycled materials for each one of their masterpieces. The “craftsmen” building these one of a kind pieces, would have the freedom of designing the furniture which later would be displayed on the website.

    The business model would follow a make-to-order system where products are made to meet customer specifications. Potential customers could be coffee shops and small businesses interested in environmentally conscious furniture, where their customers care about the companies’ environmental footprint. Other pieces could be produced to be sold at beneficial events, charities, and auctions.

    Reclaimed wood furniture is not a new concept, but it is the integration of woodchips with reclaimed wood to produce unique value added pieces.

    Below are some creative examples found on the internet. These serve as a backbone to the concept, and will be the inspiration for many more products to be produced.



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    I agree with u that it will be possible to produced interesting value added pieces, may be u can check my concept “Sawdust sculptures” which is similar to it. Also an app like”Chipsell” a concept app proposed earlier can help locate the old wood or wood chips which can be put to better use.

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