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2xMore Challenge

Wood and recycling for durable sport events

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    Mathieu VERDET

    During the last years, lots of sport events have been appeared and grown, notably in outdoor sports with a high media exposure and a return towards the nature. They are more and more attractive because people recognize themselves in the sport and its values. In the same time, more and more people are conscious that is now necessary to live with respect of the planet. For lots of organisation or enterprise, the durable aspect is now a full part of the decisions.

    For example, look the mountain bike world cup. It is now a priority for the organisation.  In their website they are proud to expose their cycle life, actions and mobilisations. Each year, the goal is just to improve the efforts and each person can contribute. In the same idea, look at the website of the Ultra Trail of Mont-Blanc. They have a partnership agreement with the region and its population. It’s just two examples, but it is easy to find several thousand others.

    Concept :

    Now, what are the common points between these events?

    –    They regroup lot of people. Don’t you think that it is a perfect place to promote wood and recycling?

    –    All are movable. So they need strong and quickly mountable equipment. Magical!! One of the raw materials: panels which are widely represented

    In agreement with these points, the present concept is to use a sustainable panel in all places where actually there are plastic or classical panels. Many places are concerned like furniture (tables, notice boards…), structure equipment (terraces, scenes…) or also installations for the sport (ramps, constructions…).

    Due to its high resistance to abrasion, its resistance to water and its mechanical performances, the high performance panel seems particularly adapted to propose a long life solution. In addition, to improve the mobility it easy to take advantages of the screw withdrawal and insert quick fasteners.

    Naturally, this concept is transferable to other domains.

    Environment assets:

    This concept leans on sustainable raw materials but beyond the matter, it is the ideology, the consciousness-raising and the communication towards the public which are the more important.



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