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2xMore Challenge

Wood Chip Particle Board plus Reclaimed Wood line of products

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    Adam Corneil

    I am proposing utilizing the recycled wood chips to create a stable and dense particle board, as is done by Egger ( amongst other European manufacturers using high concentrations of recycled wood chips – 30-50% depending on the manufacturer. This would be the first stage in the manufacturing process and a sheet good to sell on its own.

    We would then take the particle board and laminate reclaimed wood on top to create a line of products: engineered reclaimed wood flooring, engineer reclaimed panels, engineered reclaimed wood skins for posts and beams. These products would contain 65 – 80% recycled/reclaimed content, be stable from expansion and contraction, consistent in quality and dimensions and be visually appealing as is the case with reclaimed wood.

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    I just checked Egger, they are already doing a good job. I especially like their application in flooring. Do u see any specific application of it?

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