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Cardboard SIP

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    Curtis Walter

    Cardboard is a great thermal insulator, having R-values per inch of about 3 or 4 h·ft²·°F/Btu. The problem with cardboard is that when it is recycled, to be used again, it must be broken down to pulp. A solution to this would be to use recycled cardboard as structural insulation in Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) form. To form together the  insulation for the panels a lignin adhesive could be applied to each of the cardboard pieces to form a solid structural core and insulation. In addition to this the cardboard core could easily be treated with a lignin resin or coating to act as a vapor barrier using its hydrophobic properties.With all of these things in play the cardboard SIP will be taking advantage of an underutilized product, lowering the embodied energy and providing a great use for a recycled product. This will yield a much more cost effective SIP, a strong barrier for sound, vibration and moisture, as well as a low maintenance, quick and easy to install product.

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