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Plot Palisade

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    Straightline Designs

    Inspired by the “Luminate” wood panels by Ambro Australia, these wooden wall panels would be perfect for interior or exterior homes demanding both more light and life in the room, as well as a more sustainable construction practice than other wood products. Combining the sustainability of Recovered Pine Beetle wood and the new NanoCellulose film would provide a weatherproof barrier for the outdoors.  However instead of standard windows, these walls may offer extraordinary strength in build to perform as an exterior wall thanks to the dynamic voids cut into the Pine Beetle beams which in addition to natural light offer room for terrariums to be created, offering natural air filtration and decoration against the yellow and blue hues of the wood.

    Since this wall is created from a durable, yet commonly aesthetically undesirable wood, combined with the innovative and equally tough NanoCellulose material, the panel can be created from a remarkably small environmental footprint. The Nanocellulose does not feature health hazards of any kind unlike other glass-like materials. Even the material itself is made from wood fibres which are retrieved from almost any discarded shavings, fragments, etc. meaning that it too is a product of commonly unwanted wood that can be appreciated as a strong and sustainable building material. Any home looking for a prefab home with fresh air, natural lighting, sustainable construction, and potentially a series of small fruits or berries patches will find the Plot Palisade to be a perfect solution.

    Team Members: Judson Beaumont & Bryce Duyvewaardt

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    Bryce Duyvewaardt

    The Pine Beetle wood was chosen both due to the strength and sustainability, as well as the fact that this particular material has become a signature lumber of choice for Judson.

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