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Re-Imagining Wood Challenge

Petrified Treated Wood

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    Will Rumph @ RED EYE LAB llc

    I started my research by looking into how petrified wood is naturally made. My goal was to create a petrified treated wood. After my initial research, I wanted to see if I could replicate the process and make it economical viable. I start with the softest wood I could find. I also purchased a silica based clay to create a slurry.
    I began the process by boiling the soft wood in water. This not only makes the wood soft, it also expands the fibers in the wood. After boing the wood, I moved it to the boiling slurry mixture. The heat and pressure should force the mixture into the fibers of the soft wood. After the slurry bath, I put the wood in a warm dry place to dry. The contracting wood should trap the clay mixture within the wood’s fiber.
    The new wood should be as light as plastic and as hard as stone. The petrification process should also eliminate the need to treat wood with toxic chemicals.

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    Have you done it? or it just a theory?

    also what is that on the picture is hard to understand


    Mark Anson

    Have you consider using a vacuum to aid the absorption?  I certainly applaud the notion of replicating what nature already shows us.

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