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Re-Imagining Wood Challenge

The Stoop: Re-thinking Wood Waste

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    charlotte kennedy

    The Stoop is made of wood waste from a deconstructed home. Deconstruction

    wood waste is commonly seen as undesirable due to its small dimensionality and

    imperfect condition. These typically negative attributes were used to drive the

    design in both form and function. The Stoop provides a social space that is

    adaptable to the user by having sliding tables that separate and open up the space

    depending on its function. The design inherently has a story behind it because the

    wood has a history and previous life, and this, along with its customizable

    features is the sweet spot where conversation and interaction can occur amongst

    those who are in the space. By naming our bench The Stoop (n. a porch with steps

    in front of a house or other building), we wanted to relate it to construction and

    deconstruction of homes while playing with the idea of a place where public

    meets private. By giving the history of the wood, metrics about wood waste and

    an example of high end design, we hope to inspire future designers, artists and

    builders to create a demand for access to reclaimed wood. The Stoop is living and

    travelling around small businesses in Vancouver B.C with an aim to create a

    dialogue around the potential for wood waste re-imagination.


    For more information on this project and its current location visit our website at

    [starrater tpl=44 size=’24’]

    The Stoop

    wood pile

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    charlotte kennedy

    Wood PileClose Up : The Stoop The Stoop 1



    I like the idea of collecting as much wood possible from deconstructed homes and create unique design furniture with the available wood that each time will be different


    Gabriel Tarmassi

    I think this really is a great way of recycling wood. If you imagine how much wood is wasted that could still be used in a unique way like this, it really makes sense to me. This process could not only be made to make furniture but also to produce floors, walls, shingles, etc.



    D Gaker

    This is also a great incentive to sort the waste into other useful forms.  Steel nails are often thrown away, but if you need to pull them from the wood anyway, you might as well recycle them.  This project reduces waste several ways!


    romney shipway

    This is a great perception changer! It brings the inherent values of a waste material to the forefront, creating conversation and most importantly asking questions. Hands down the best project on here yet, keep it up !

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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