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3D Printing with Wood Challenge

Creating a Net Zero Ready House With 3D Printed Panels

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    Shaun St-Amour

    3D printing can be applied to produce wood framed houses as an alternative to conventional stick frame construction. This is now possible because there are a variety of resources that could make this a reality. Our concept at Footprint Sustainable Housing includes using waste wood from deconstructed houses, bio-based adhesive, 3D printing equipment, and charring of the exterior side of the completed panels. The design and composition of the panels give them the strength to be used as structural, load-bearing units. Our goal is to eliminate as many materials as possible in comparison to a standard panel used for residential construction.

    There are a number of specifications to take into consideration when planning to use 3D printing to construct panels to meet/exceed industry standards. If a 3D printer could create a wall or roof structure, it needs to keep moisture from entering the wall assembly and the exterior skin should defend against the elements (ie. UV/sun exposure, wind, rain, and snow).  An energy efficient house also requires a higher level of air tightness. Another issue that a high performance wall needs to address is to reduce thermal bridging. The materials that are currently applied in the standard wall assembly deal with the above issues. So could a 3D panel comprised of wood work?

    Please refer to the attachment and continue reading about our concept…



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