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3D Printing with Wood Challenge

Fold wood furniture

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    One major constraint in making 3D printed wooden furniture is the size of the parts which is too large to be printed by most of the 3D printers. So the solution is computer program with an algorithm which can take any 3D model and convert it into foldable pieces which can be assembled to get the furniture. Unfortunately it is beyond human level of thinking given a large number of possible orientations, dynamic shape configurations and spacial reasoning. Here individual parts can be easily printed as they are of smaller sizes in large numbers.

    Since the furniture is foldable it is easier to ship and makes the furniture mobile which adds value to it. Also the furniture itself is customizable people can add and remove slight modification to designs and print it at their home and assemble. So if a furniture runs out of fashion then users can tweak some parts in the furniture to make it to a new design again.

    Making something like this with traditional carpentry will be very labour intensive process but with 3D printing in wood it become very easy.

    With a bit of research it may be also be possible to make the entire foldable furniture as a single whole print rather than making it in parts and assembling it.

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    Samir Shah

    Hi Sujith,

    How would you fold chairs of a design as shown?

    What you have proposed is already being experimented by our company, for certain objects which may be assembled in under 5 seconds (compared to 30 minutes).  I apologize this is secret for now.

    There is a need to follow some traditions of woodworking and there is no “single magical solution” to making furniture.  Folded furniture works more easily for squared or straight-edged designs.  It breaks down and gets immensely complex with double-curves.  Folding a chair (per my image uploaded) after printing may not be impossible, but cannot justify the effort and personalization of software.  So if there is no template-style solution to all shapes, one would have to keep inventing solutions to each fancy design that comes across the drawing board.

    Yes, folding 3D Manufactured objects is possible within reason as long we keep the fundamentals identical for machine operation, software systems and the result is superior (cost / material / time) to existing solutions.

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