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3D Printing with Wood Challenge

Homemade 3D printing filament

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    My concept proposes to reuse wood powder that is a common “waste” produced in every carpentry shop into 3D printer filament by mixing wood powder with a thermo softening polymer and extruding out through a nozzle to create strands or spools of filament that can be used or sold easily.

    A polymer molecule is a long chain of carbon atoms which are held together by strong covalent bonds.The forces in between the molecules are relatively weak but sections of the chains can sometimes line up side by side to form tiny crystals. These crystals form links between the chains, hold the structure together and make the polymer solid.

    It may be possible to convert a special type of thermo plastic polymer into thermo set polymer by irradiation while printing this will mean the 3d printed objects will set in that shape for ever.

    Radiation Crosslinked Thermoplastic Polyurethane”, published in the journal International Polymer Science and Technology, Vol. 19, No. 1, pp. T/6-T/9

    Similar approach is carried out to convert or recycle waste plastic into plastic filaments for 3d printing plastic.



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