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Greenest Filament Challenge

Biodegradable Birdhouse

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    Lisa Young

    As the purpose of this challenge was to create something sculptural and functional to be 3D printed in wood, my concept is a Biodegradable Birdhouse. Looking at the nests that birds create for themselves, I wanted to create a birdhouse that birds would naturally flock to. And who knew birds build nests in so many shapes and sizes! I went with a spheroid nest, like one that an Oriole would build for itself.
    I think it is important that this birdhouse be printed in biodegradable lignin powder so that it can decompose naturally if it gets knocked out of a tree. I wanted to print it in one piece, as adding glue or assembly materials would no longer render the birdhouse as biodegradable or structurally sound. The intention is for the birdhouse to be placed in a tree with no additional attachment materials. I have created different arcing arms at the top of the birdhouse so it can be attached to trees and hooked over branches in various ways.
    My Birdhouse has two large holes where small birds can enter. The rest of the holes are there for the birds to add their own materials to customize their home! I also wanted to keep a lot of different surfaces that birds could perch on from the inside and outside.
    By printing this piece in lignin powder, the natural brown colour will camouflage nicely in trees. I am hoping that birds like how well it blends with the environment.

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    Jordan Barlow

    Great design! This is one of the best looking and functional 3D printed bird houses/nests I’ve seen. Not only that, but it checks all the boxes of this challenge. I really like how the tenants can expand upon the nest as it acts as a skeleton for their new home. Biodegradable filaments are incredibly important for products like this. You’ve got my vote.


    Jeff Arsenault (dev)

    Really enjoyed seeing this one Lisa! What a thoroughly innovative, fresh-thinking & fully implementable concept. #ThinkOutsideTheNest √

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