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Greenest Filament Challenge

Cell wall to Cellulose Structure model

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    Jaime Millan

    The purpose of this challenge is to find a functional way to expose the latest bio-filaments developed by FP researchers. The best way to showcase these technologies is to dig deeper to the source of these bio polymers. To do so in the most functional way possible, my concept proposes making a practical model of the smallest, most complex structures of wood, and to do so in a way that they build up, and connect like puzzle pieces in a fun and educational way.

    The base of this model is a zoom into one of the most difficult parts to understand when learning wood anatomy; the different components of a cell wall; the Primary and the 3 secondary wall layers. Next, a look at a bundle of microfibirls, helping to understand their arrangement. Next, a look at cellulose chains with amorphous regions in the middle. Finally, a closer look into cellulose with a model of the molecules that compose this essential polymer. The use of both lignin and wood flour filaments, along with a variety of textures could be used to enhance the contrast between all the different components. By taking advantage of the 3D printing technology, we could build a more complex model with greater detail.

    These models would be very useful for teaching wood anatomy, and could be used by Universities around the world, helping with the understanding of the interrelationships found in wood.

    The drawing below is a visual representation of the idea, showcasing how the different components would connect and build up on each other. The cell wall structure would be the base of the model and it would build up vertically.

    ->This model could build up on and compliment the ‘Scales of 10’ concept perfectly.



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