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Greenest Filament Challenge

JNEW: The sandal outsole unit

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    Lisa Vander Plaetse

    Innovating the way we see and use footwear is the perfect way to use Biodegradable 3D printing technology at its full potential.

    Inspired by aboriginal sandals by their sustainability, the JNEW sandal outsole unit celebrates the hybrid between innovative technologies and the oldest material ressource: Wood. It can be fully customized by the user, in fit or in style. Using the advantages of 3D Printing technology, three lace holes allow infinite positionning of the sandal straps. It permits us to have various style of shoes while using the same outsole. This design is the path towards a greener footwear industry, where style and sustainability are not contradictory. Read more about my research and design in the attached files!

    JNEW: The universal outsole to infinite possibilities.

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    Jeff Arsenault (dev)

    What a fascinating + innovative submission Lisa – I’ll drop you a private note (email)  re: the .stl file (I had made a hard-limit of 6MB, which may have been too small for the .stl files). -Jeff (Arsenault) – FPIntell LAB Developer

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