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Greenest Filament Challenge

Nodding elephant phone stand

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    My concept proposes for a smartphone stand with a nodding elephant head. The elephant is shown pulling a cart full of wood.

    The model is both sculptural and functional. Sculptural because it is a cool looking piece of art that can be kept in showcase of house or an office desk.

    Functional and its uses.

    * The model can nod it head making the model dynamic and engaging with the user.

    *The model can be used as an Iphone or phone docking stand.

    *It can be used as a paper weight in office desk.

    *It has a hollow body so can be used to hide something valuable inside.

    It has a form that highlights the origin of the filament material in some way because in real, cart is made up of wood and the cart carries wooden logs which is 3D printed in wood here. The filament used for making 3D print also comes from wood.

    The body of the elephant is hollow, conventional hand crafted sculptures need hours to carve and is extremely difficult to build hollow body. Here by using 3D printing we can build hollow body of the elephant using less material or 3d printing filament, which shows customer the benefits of using 3D printing in wood.

    So I think it will be a great product to build, also the model can be scaled easily to build in different sizes, the dynamic model has a very simple head assembly which enables the model to be dynamic as well.


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    Stl files size is too large to attach here, looking for some alternatives, Stl will be uploaded soon.


    Jaime Millan

    Sounds like a cool little gadget that I would like to have on my desk. However im not sure how to relate the raw logs and the elephant to the advanced technology using bio-filaments that is being attempted to be showcased.

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