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  • Joe Hagedorn posted an update in the project Project logo of BioBuild ChallengeBioBuild 6 years ago

    I am reviewing information provided by Ciprian on the subject of void spaces in panelized wood components. I will submit a more thorough draft but do want to mention something for comment. Although the voids in CLT in flooring was tested for structural intgregity, the acoustical properties as mentioned contribute to reverberation based on resonant qualities. That seems to be the only acoustic property that is modified (for the better) based on the void. However, other acoustic related properties such as noise isolation remains problematic unless structural conditions can be modified. One modification that I will be proposing is to make provision for de-coupling the structural system from floor and wall interiors treatments to mitigate structure-borne noise. An internal dampening system could indeed be bio-based as there are excellent underlayment systems that use cork as the base material. Reverberation can also be improved in larger spaces through absorption but I will try to focus on how the structural portion of prefabricated wood-based components can indeed be designed to accept non-structural components that will help to fulfill fire and acoustic related requirements. Your feedback has been very helpful…

    • Hi Joe,

      Acoustic performance of wood products in building is certainly one of the most important and challenge properties, in particular for commercial buildings and condos. In recent years, many discussion on this subject for CLT, multifunctional panels and new acoustic materials. Lin Hu is one of the specialists at FPI and if you need further information on the subject, you can ontact her by e-mail:

    • Hi James

      I will certainly coordinate my efforts for further refinement and focus on a potential contribution to acoustical performance issues. My former employer and mentor Dave Adams contributed to the CLT white paper and guidelines for STC and IIC performance considerations relating to building code requirements..



    • This is a great area to explore. As a transplant from a rural area to an urban area, I have realized how important of an issue noise and privacy are. With more people forecast to move to cities around the world, it will become more and more pressing to create comfortable and quiet living arrangements.