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  • Mark Anson posted an update in the project Project logo of 3D Printing with Wood ChallengeThe 3D Printing with Wood Challenge 3 years, 4 months ago

    Scale – Furniture. Here I believe that the 3d printing of wood has an opportunity to shine. People love to feel the warmth of wood and be close enough to appreciate the texture and visual interest that wood may offer. At the same time, we do not need to be too concerned with rot resistance or flame spread rating when discussing furniture. Samir Shah’s company has developed a system of Stratified Additive Manufacturing (S.A.M.). As the co-founder and CEO of 4AXYZ, I hope Samir will describe the process of building their stool with us. I bought one of his lounge chairs during 4AXYZ’s Kickstarter Campaign last year.
    There are also many examples of furniture that could be created by Laminated Object Manufacturing (L.O.M.), such as Julia Krantz’s laminated plywood lounge chair, see photo.

    • Thank you Mark for mention of Stratified Additive Manufacturing. It remains a viable option for scaling up a fully automated, and greener solution in wood-product manufacturing. The applications are industrial and to that extent, diverge from what 3D Printing offers right now in smaller scale. Although, we at 4 AXYZ endorse the process as belonging squarely in the Additive Manufacturing (AM) domain, of which 3DP forms a specific category.

      For getting on with it, and in order to make that chair which we are hoping to provide you for your support, we are still struggling with industry acceptance and required financial support.

      • I am very excited by the technology that 4AXYZ is developing. In the next phase of this challenge, I will share some of my own experimentations in LOM. Although the title of this challenge is “The 3D Printing of Wood Challenge”, we really want to embrace all aspects of additive manufacturing and wood. The title was so termed to hopefully drive up search engine hits, not limit discussion.
        The wood industry has a long history of LOM with plywood and LVL, we just keep making very basic artifacts, the flat panel. We also have many extruded materials, like parallam and OBS, which again we make into simple panels. My hope is that we can interrupt the manufacturing process and add defining characteristics that would form 3d objects, rather then sheet goods.